Kids Creative Play Dates
imagine. dream. create.
Call and drop in for a class or stay for a while. 4wk sessions available for all classes.
Call for reservations... 970-301-9695

Sibling discount 15% off second artist, 25% off third

See our School Day Off schedule for Saturday and Holiday class offerings

Tutoring and Home School Classes
ages 5-12 yr class $12.00/4 week session $40.00
Wednesdays 1:00-2:00 pm
Oct. 7 thru 28
Nov. 4 thru 18, 3 wk session $30.00
Dec. 2 thru 16, 3 wk session $30.00

We provide private or group art making experiences. We offer a wonderful place to learn with a variety of art mediums. Art materials and projects provided, children will be encouraged to use their imagination and create outside the project if they wish to do so.

Artistic Encounters 
ages 6-12 yr class $18/4 wk session $55.00
Thursdays 4:30-6:00 pm
Oct. 8 thru 29
Nov. 5 thru 19
, 3 wk session $40.00
Dec. 3 thru 17, 3 wk session $40.00
This weekly program focus is on creative development. We introduce students to a variety of mediums. Children are encouraged to create and use their imagination. Projects are generally completed in 1 or 2 sessions. 

Art to Grow on with Mommy and Me
18-36 mo class $10.00/4 wk session $30.00
Fridays 9:00-9:45 am
Oct. 9 thru 30
Nov. 6 thru 20
, 3 wk session $23.00
Dec. 4 thru 18
, 3 wk session $23.00
Creative play dates designed for children ages 15 mo-3yr. Providing toddlers with a hands on program that promotes creative development and strengthens motor skills.
Classes allow toddlers and parents to interact with each other, while having a messy fun time creating a masterpiece.

Pre K Juicy ART
age 3-5 yr class $12.00/4 week session $40.00
Fridays 10:00-11:00 am
Oct.9 thru 30
Nov. 6 thru 20
, 3 wk session $30.00
Dec. 4 thru 18
, 3 wk session $30.00
Draw. Paint. Sculpt. Use vibrant colors to create from you imagination.

Paint, Paper, Scissors

TBA ages 2-3 yr, 4 wk session $40
Kids are exposed to a variety of media as they explore and create in messy fun ways.

Bring your imagination.

What to expect Juiced on Imagination provides process oriented art enrichment programs. We work with a wide variety of non-toxic materials, the majority of which will wash out readily. However, since art exploration is a messy business we ask that you send your child dressed in art making attire as a successful day is usually a messy day!

Call for reservations... 970-301-9695
Our address
Loveland, CO 1349 Cleveland Ave, located inside Lola's Fresh Patina

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